How We Work

We work in partnership with our clients. We combine active listening with the ability to guide our clients through the entire process of creation of a new identity, of a brand and its presentation, or alternative forms of presentation.


A strategy and implementation scheme is formed by senior management, designers and project managers. Our combined talents are firmly grounded in effective strategic outcomes, not only ensuring that every project meets client objectives, but that it is also smoothly and efficiently implemented on time, on brief and on budget.


We work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of what they stand for and what they are trying to say. With this approach, we develop or revitalise visual identities to be a true reflection of who companies are and most importantly, how they work.

Your visual idenity then becomes your greates asset!

We call this "Identity Management" because your corporate identity program is a visual language which needs to be managed, not just designed.

Working with related disciplines

As part of our committment to achieveing targeted communications results, Imagehouse Design works regularly with other related disciplines such as:

...thus ensuring a comprehensive solution to our clients brief.